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…an untamed world where magic is possible, vicious creatures roam the wilderness, and a hidden adversary schemes to overthrow the rule of the Baron-Knights.

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Wyldling Snare

Wyldling Snare—a young adult portal fantasy and the first installment of the Wyldling Dream series—is a coming of age story with underlying themes of faith, friendship, and found family.

Apprentice knight Enoch Northward returns home from a festival to find the Baron-Knight of the Northern Marches dead, the heir-apparent missing, and himself expected to rule in their stead. While he grieves the loss of his beloved guardian, Enoch is determined to prove his ability to lead despite his incomplete training. But he struggles to follow in such large footsteps. A search for missing people draws him into the forbidden Darkenwood Forest, where he discovers a path to another world… and a secret within himself that may destroy everything he loves.

You can order the Wyldling Snare e-book or paperback online: mybook.to/wyldlingsnare or on BookFunnel.

Book Trailer for Wyldling Snare

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