1. Wyldling Snare

A grieving teenage orphan, thrust into leadership before he’s ready, grapples with fresh magical powers and a friendship with a girl from a different world. He must find a way to balance the demands of his new position with the yearnings of his heart before a sorcerer’s scheme to ensnare him comes to fruition.

Status: PUBLISHED! Available for purchase on Amazon or at your local bookstore.

2. Wyldling Trials

Trapped on an alien world, a young woman struggles to find her place in the group while on a journey to save her friend from captivity. She must prove herself to the expedition’s leader before he decides to leave her behind. Will her determination be enough to stay the course…or will she falter?

Status: FIRST DRAFT COMPLETE. Revising. Available for pre-order on Amazon.

Cover mock-up:

3. Wyldling Armor (working title)

Sundered by chance from her traveling companions, a young woman and her champion are cast upon distant shores. She must obtain a magical artifact and reunite with the others before the window of opportunity closes forever. On his way to find her, a cursed knight battles against subterranean foes, waking up personal demons better left undisturbed. The sorcerer’s apprentice finally receives his reward, but is it enough to fill the emptiness within? Held captive, a young man’s dreams of freedom are haunted by visions from a past he believed lost to oblivion.

Status: Began writing first draft.

Cover mock-up:

4. Wyldling Nemesis (working title)

Planning five points of view for this one…


Cover mock-up:

5. Wyldling Illusion (working title)


Cover mock-up:

6. Wyldling Courage (working title)


Cover mock-up:

7. Wyldling Dream (working title)


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