Works in progress…

These are novels that I am still in the process of writing. Obviously, this page is still under construction.

1. Wyldling Snare

Enoch believed that the mysterious Darkenwood Forest held no danger for him. He was wrong.

2. Wyldling Quest

Annabelle arrived on Tehara expecting to make new friends and instead finds an implacable enemy who suspects her as an accomplice in Enoch’s abduction. How can she ever gain Commander Storm’s trust?

3. Wyldling Honor

Enoch endures the loneliness and pain of captivity while his friends struggle to obtain the ancient artifacts necessary to secure his freedom. Will Annabelle pass the tests designed by the legendary sages – or will she be found wanting?

4. Wyldling Vengeance

5. Wyldling Illusion

6. Wyldling Courage

7. Wyldling Legacy

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