Resolution: to Query

Meanwhile, Graefin snores away on my recliner…

Today, I submitted queries to five different agents. Let the waiting game begin.

For those of you going “huh?” this is the next step in getting my book traditionally published: convincing a literary agent he/she should represent my work. The most important thing for me is finding a literary agent of integrity with whom I work well, who honestly loves my work, and is willing to push for my success as a published author. I would love it if this person also became my friend.

And so … a professional editor has looked at my manuscript and made suggestions; I revised accordingly. I searched for literary agents and paid close attention to the submission requirements of many different literary agencies. Next, I wrote a query letter that could be adapted to address different agents. I already had an elevator pitch that could also work as a brief book synopsis for agents that request them.

Then, I followed the advice of an already successful author. I made a spreadsheet of over one hundred literary agents and placed them into tiers: first, second and third. First tier agents are the ones who successfully pitch novels to the big publishers, have illustrious clients, and/or have been hailed as the best sales-wise in my genre. Second tier agents are not so renowned but still have successful clients in their niche. I would be content to have them represent me and pitch to a smaller publisher. Third tier agents are probably good agents but might not be the best fit for me, for one reason or another. Depending on their response (or lack thereof) I will know if I have a good query letter/pitch. They will help me hone my query letter.

And now, I have begun to cast out my queries, like so much bait. Next step: pray for God to bless me, and see if I get any bites from the selected fishies.

If all else fails, I can always publish independently on Amazon, or something. However, it would not do to give up hope with the boat’s motor still idling. My fishing trip has only begun.

This shall all turn out for the best, as the LORD wills it.

Goodbye, 2020

And good riddance!

Why are Michelangelo and Donatello fighting?


Combat’s taken to

A different level when

Riding microbe mounts

Highly magnified and blurry


Standing sentinel

Bands of brown and green and gold

Cranes in the meadow

Don’t be a window hog.


Lured by the outdoors

Cats enjoy smell-o-vision

She won’t get closer

Life is rough


Sad sack of cat in

Contemplation of the void

Where are my d*** treats?

Michael’s birthday present


O the ecstasy

Of being devoured by a

Shark made out of cloth

Surprise! The snow came back.


Snow flurries melted

I’m sad that the snow is gone

For a while, beauty

Get outta my chair!


Doctor, wondering

If he could write better books

Steals mom’s spot again.

Haiku of the Nine Moons

Not actually in California.


Conflagration state

Goodbye, California

Sun bleeds as it sets

If you love them, then you better put a mask on it.


Spewing pestilence

From every orifice


Fast car?


Silver blue bullet

Motionless in a driveway

Needs to be moving

This photo is 10 years old.


Sea dragon drifting

Forests of kelp undulate

with current events