The Zoo is for the Birds!

I meant that in the kindest possible way, of course!

I took these photographs at the Milwaukee County Zoo yesterday. Out of all the bird exhibits, I enjoy watching the flamingos the most. I like the way they perch on one stilt-like leg with their heads tucked under a wing. Their necks remind me of hoses! Did you know that the pink coloration of their feathers is dependent upon their diet – particularly a type of shrimp that they eat?

Obligatory peacock picture. These guys think they own the thoroughfare.
This is a peahen. She is much less ostentatious than her mate. Collectively, peacocks and peahens are known as “peafowl.”
Crested Screamer. They’re from South America and their call sounds like a scream. Hence the name.
Ostrich. The original Big Bird.
Rhinoceros hornbills. They are known to feed one another fruit during courtship!
Inca tern. Females and males look alike…no sexual dimorphism here!
And last but not least…the laughing kookaburra, native to New Guinea, Ara Islands, Philippines to Sulawesi. It most certainly did not laugh at me, nor did it eat any gumdrops.

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