A Bygone Era


I just realized that I am behind on posting haiku. Hence, there is now a four month back-log of my weirdness.

Here are some poems from March in no particular order.

Originally, I had a great picture of an earthworm (Lumbricus terrestris) crawling on the sidewalk after it rained to accompany the first poem, but I could not find it in my recent photos. I apologize if this causes any disappointment.

It’s worming season!

Lumbricids crawl on sidewalks

Just looking for love?

Queen snake half-coiled with head raised.
Snake rears up, ready
To strike at me on the trail
Crawl back into your hole!
Shelves in a grocery store, almost completely denuded of toilet paper.
Three new confirmed cases now
Are in my hometown
Peek a boo kitty
Thinks she is in the Jungle
Preparing to pounce
Recently built houses, one with windows brightly lit, the other dark with a truck parked in the driveway. The sun is setting behind a bank of purple clouds in the background between the two houses.
My brain is slowly
Turning into slushy goo
It’s past my bedtime
Perspective looking up at the Sun Prairie Public Library, a beige brick building late in the afternoon in early March. A tiny crescent moon in the blue sky directly above the peak of the roof.
O blessed building
Most of the work gets done
At the library

As a thank-you for reading my poetry, here is a picture of an impending altercation between my cats:

On the left, a large male brown tabby cat with white paws and chest stands on a kitchen counter in front of a colander filled with shredded kale, facing a small grey female cat that is backing away from him.
“No, Graefin. You can’t eat mom’s kale!”

I will share some more haiku before the end of next month.

Stay safe, everyone!

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