Goodbye, 2020

And good riddance!

Why are Michelangelo and Donatello fighting?


Combat’s taken to

A different level when

Riding microbe mounts

Highly magnified and blurry


Standing sentinel

Bands of brown and green and gold

Cranes in the meadow

Don’t be a window hog.


Lured by the outdoors

Cats enjoy smell-o-vision

She won’t get closer

Life is rough


Sad sack of cat in

Contemplation of the void

Where are my d*** treats?

Michael’s birthday present


O the ecstasy

Of being devoured by a

Shark made out of cloth

Surprise! The snow came back.


Snow flurries melted

I’m sad that the snow is gone

For a while, beauty

Get outta my chair!


Doctor, wondering

If he could write better books

Steals mom’s spot again.

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