Wyldling Snare “Blurb”

One thing an author needs to write for their book is the “blurb.” This is a short piece that appears on the back cover of the published work and can be used in marketing/advertising campaigns. The purpose is to provide just enough information about the character(s) and the world to tantalize the reader while not giving away too much about the plot.

In my opinion, the only thing less fun than writing a back cover blurb is writing a synopsis for your book. I’ve found helping other authors craft blurbs for their books far easier than writing one for my own. Ironic, isn’t it?

The back cover “blurb” of Wolf Healer, by Huckleberry Rahr, an indie author and my friend.

By the way, I would recommend the novel pictured above. It’s a good read for both teens and adults who like paranormal and urban fantasy but don’t want the excessive romance that one usually finds in these genres.

My blurb:

“Seek justice, show mercy, and walk humbly with Lord Yshua.”

These words are the last bit of wisdom Enoch’s guardian, the Baron-Knight of the Northern Marches, speaks before the youth departs on a journey. Upon Enoch’s return, he finds his beloved guardian dead, three friends missing, the new baron-knight disappeared while in search of them, and himself thrust into leadership before he’s ready. Enoch is determined to succeed where the new baron-knight failed: he must find his friends. When the trail–and his dreams–leads him deep into the Darkenwood Forest, Enoch discovers the forbidden wood harbors a long-hidden secret that offers some comfort in his grief. But will this secret also be his downfall?

Reading of adventure in fantastical places, Annabelle yearns to escape the dreary, snow-shrouded prison of a Wisconsin February and visit the world of the young knight from her dreams. Once she meets the knight and learns he’s real, she hopes the rest of her dream will soon become reality. However, danger stalks her new friend and obstacles threaten to keep them apart. Can Annabelle find her way to his world before it’s too late for both of them?

And that’s what I’ve come up with. I think it might be good, but we shall see. That’s all for now…Until next time!

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