Ramble On

Stay tuned for the teaser…

Hi there. Are you prepared to read more of my ramblings? Excellent, because that’s what I have lined up for you today.

For those around these parts, yesterday was Easter Sunday–otherwise known as Resurrection Day. Christ is Risen! He is risen, indeed. I was fortunate enough to attend a lovely Easter dawn service at church and then spend the rest of the day with my family in Wausau. Much candy was in evidence, but I restrained myself and consumed none of it (yay, me!) I’ve mostly convinced myself I am much better off and happier for abstaining. 

Mutant marshmallow Peeps from the Easter basket of DOOM!

However, that’s not what I’m writing about today. 

On Saturday, I had this awesome idea I wanted to write about and share in a post. I thought I had it all figured out; it was supposed to be ground-breaking and inspirational! And then, when I sat down in front of the computer to type…nothing. Just literary crickets chirping inside my head. I’m sure just about every writer can relate to this experience. I say “just about” because I personally know an author who appears to have had no problems with this whatsoever. If it ever does happen, she claims “the words are hiding” or that I stole them all to write this blog post. 

Which begs the question…where do words go to hide? Knowing the answer to that question would open the floodgates for those struggling with some form of writer’s dam…I mean, writer’s block. One can only take a metaphor so far, it seems.

But I digress.

Without any further ado, the promised teaser… 

My next series of posts will address the snarly, hydra-headed phenomenon known as “writer’s block” and some things you can do to combat it, drive it off, and otherwise subdue it. If you have ever wondered why the heck you can’t get those wonderful, shiny ideas out of your brain and onto the page, I may have the key to unlocking that treasure chest for you.

Wow. That sounded over-the-top, even to me. I apologize for the hyperbole and purple prose. This isn’t meant to be a sales pitch; I’m not selling anything. I’m offering information gratis in the hopes that it’ll help somebody, somewhere. 

And if this post made you smile, let me know.

My work here is done for the day.

Until the next post, my friends. In the meantime, be kind to one another.

The (mostly) domesticated lap tiger reposing in all his majesty.
Yes, that’s my messy workspace in the background.

2 responses to “Ramble On”

  1. For me I’ve noticed that when I’m just thinking while doing stuff I come up with great stories and sentences. But by the time I get to my phone and this site, quite a bit if it is gone. Seems it takes more effort when I sit down and get ready to type than when I’m just going about my day thinking of great blog posts.

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