Forward Progress

Over the weekend I did… stuff. I created a Linktree for all my author platform. I bought ISBNs for all the books I will ever write. Will 100 be enough, do you think? After that, I began communications with artists who design book covers. I also made a bunch of TikTok videos. Oh, and I put Wyldling Snare up for presale on Amazon. Don’t worry; that’s not the final cover. Like I said, I’m paying money for a custom cover created by real artists instead of my amateurish mock-ups.

An amateurish mock-up

So, this is all incredibly exciting. As soon as the Final Edits are complete, I’ll need to copyright the manuscript and send it off to a formatter. I already have one in mind; one of my friends was quite pleased with her work on her novel. But I want the cover art completed before I reach out to her. And I need to find covers I like for the artist’s reference. I chose these for examples:

I liked the colors and the font on this one.

These two feature a man with a sword standing in front of a portal, which is similar to what I’d like to have on mine. The character in front of the portal will be Enoch, of course. I’m still trying to decide whether he will be in quarter profile like these guys, only looking back over his shoulder, or standing with his back completely turned to the reader. The portal will be silvery and shining with swirled blue and white light like an iris around a black pupil and set in a soot-gray wall. Should I have Annabelle’s face in the middle, or just leave the portal blank? Or perhaps there could be stars in the center.

Decisions, decisions…

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