What’s It Like to Write a Novel? — Lee Duigon

Everyone has a different writing process; something that works well for them. You’ve probably hear the terms “plotter” and “pantser” used to describe polar opposite writing strategies. However, there is a broad continuum in between those two extremes. Writers can also switch or change strategies, depending on what works best for them during that season of life. The point is, use what works best for you!

Lee Duigon is a fellow Christ-follower and the author of the Christian fantasy and adventure series that begins with the titular work, Bell Mountain. They are all excellent books with clean content and a captivating story for middle-graders on up. I certainly enjoy them! With thirteen books out and another on the way, this series will keep you occupied for a while. It doesn’t look like the story will ‘end’ anytime soon. Go ahead and check them out here, on his website. I recommend starting with the first one, Bell Mountain… otherwise you may be wondering who everyone is and from whence they came.

So what’s it like to write a novel? I had a new insight into this, yesterday. For me, writing a novel is like playing chess against an invisible opponent about whom you know nothing at all–nothing but the moves of his chessmen on the board. 163 more words

What’s It Like to Write a Novel? — Lee Duigon

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