Ready, Set… Launch?

Sorry, Not Yet

For all intents and purposes, Wyldling Snare is ready to launch. But I said September 10th, so it will be released into the wilderness then. You can pre-order the e-book on Amazon: Or you can wait until September 10th and read it on Kindle Unlimited (KU). Twenty pages in, you’ll decide you love the story and will permanently add Wyldling Snare to your library (I’m only half joking).

Paperback printing proof from KDP. Yes, it’s the actual book. The one I wrote and now shamelessly promote everywhere I go.

Did you know authors published on Amazon receive royalties for page turns on Kindle Unlimited as well as for the books they sell? If you have KU, keep that in mind the next time you find a book that, ten pages in, you decide you MUST possess as your very own. Don’t immediately buy that e-book. First, quickly flip to the end, then purchase the e-book, and your new favorite author receives royalties for both! Not much, but it all adds up in the end.

The things you learn when you’re a self-published author.

Update on Progress

As you no doubt surmised, Wyldling Snare is now formatted for e-book and paperback. One of my author friends recommended R.L. Davennor as a formatter, so I hired her on. I am so happy I did. She is excellent at what she does and great to work with. She answered all my questions and gave me advice, too. So, if you are in the market for a book formatter, check out R.L. Davennor’s website: She is also a self-published author, classically trained oboist, and music composer.

With my new files in hand (metaphorically speaking), I headed on over to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and completed setting up the e-book for launch on September 10, 2022. I revised my keywords and the book description based on what I’ve learned second-hand about Amazon Ads from those who have published before me. Marketing is so… interesting.

However, the adventure doesn’t end there. I uploaded my formatted manuscript and cover to IngramSpark this afternoon. Turns out, this is where librarians go to order books for public libraries. And where booksellers order books at wholesale value. The process of setting up book prices for various markets was… fun.

To quote Forrest Gump, “and that’s all I have to say about that.” At least, for today.

In case you were wondering what Wyldling Snare is about, here is the book description I used on IngramSpark:

Welcome to Tehara: an untamed world where magic is possible, dangerous creatures roam the wilderness, and a hidden adversary schemes to overthrow the rule of the Baron-Knights.

Apprentice knight Enoch Northward returns home from a festival to find the Baron-Knight of the Northern Marches dead, the heir-apparent missing, and himself expected to rule in their stead. While he grieves the loss of his beloved guardian, Enoch is determined to prove his ability to lead despite his incomplete training. But he struggles to follow in such large footsteps. A search for missing people draws him into the forbidden Darkenwood Forest, where he discovers a path to another world… and a secret within himself that may destroy everything he loves.

Wyldling Snarea young adult portal fantasy and the first installment of the Wyldling Dream seriesis a coming of age story with underlying themes of faith, friendship, and found family.

I thank God for every relationship forged on my publication journey. My fellow indie authors are kind and supportive. Whatever may comewhether my book totally tanks, becomes a bestseller on Amazon, or anything in betweenI will cherish the friendships I’ve made.

Everyone have a wonderful week!

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