Dreamers Welcome

Do you remember your dreams? I often do. The series I’m currently writing began with a strange dream I had back in eighth grade. Naturally, I started developing the story as soon as I woke up. It’s never really left my thoughts. Much of the plot has changed since then, but the dream planted a seed that eventually grew into the world of Tehara as introduced in Wyldling Snare.

In the Wyldling Dream series, as you might imagine, dreams play a large role in the narrative. A significant part of the plot involves the main characters entering the dreamscape to interact with one another, regardless of the physical distance between them. Like the concept of portals, this feature of worldbuilding is not unique and pops up in other fantasy stories. You can find both in The Wheel of Time series, which I enjoy for its richly developed world and characterization.

I could go on and on about this series, but I won’t do that here. If you haven’t read it, then I’ll leave it for you to discover and make your own decision. Be warned: The Wheel of Time consists of fifteen novels (plus a prequel and companion books) and some of those are massive tomes. Epic fantasy at it most epic, that series is not an undertaking for the faint of heart.

Would it surprise you to learn that I aspire to create epic fantasy approaching this level of “epicness?” With twenty full-length novels planned over five series placed in the Teharan universe, it’s not outside the realm of possibility. God-willing, I’ll survive long enough to write all those books!

So far, I’ve published one book, Wyldling Snare, and on New Year’s Day I finished the first draft of the second book, Wyldling Trials. You can find them both on Amazon. Because I’m insane, I’ve outlined and begun writing the third book–tentatively entitled Wyldling Armor–while I also revise the second book and market the first. Whether I can complete a first draft of book three by the end of 2023 remains to be seen, but that’s my goal.

In the meantime, I can keep dreaming my crazy dreams…

…and I can read the work of fabulous indie authors, like those featured in the promotions below. Yes, there are books about dragons!

Free Book Promos

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Several Requests

  1. Do you have any indie fantasy book recommendations for me? In particular, I’m looking for an epic fantasy series you feel rivals The Wheel of Time for sheer “epicness” in its worldbuilding.
  2. Please leave online ratings and reviews for indie books you’ve read and enjoyed. This really helps indie authors grow their audience and achieve recognition for their fine work. You don’t have to write much for a review; twenty words explaining what you liked best about the book suffices.
  3. Indie authors want to hear from their fans! Believe me, you’re not bothering them. We all crave validation. If the author has a presence on social media, get in contact to say you appreciate them. Sign up for their newsletters. Email them (if they provide an email address) and let them know you enjoyed their work. Simply leaving a comment on a Facebook post saying you loved their book will make their day. Quite possibly, their year. You might be the one person to inspire them to keep writing when they planned on giving up.

That’s all I have for today. Next week, I’ll have some recommendations for you.

Have a wonderful week… and keep dreaming!

We have a new member of the family: Meet His Royal Floofiness, King Leonidas.

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