Pixies, Ogres, and an Indie Bookstore

That sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn’t it? A pixie and an ogre walk into a bookstore… However, you were probably expecting me to make a joke about a bar. As a matter of fact, I planned to tell you about a bar – AND a bookstore – in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

I mentioned in a previous post about teaching a class at an indie bookstore with my author friend, Huckleberry Rahr. Well, we loved it so much that we decided to go back! Intent on sharing our experience and love of writing with others, Huckle and I mounted our griffins and flew over the rainbow to Sheboygan. Once we arrived, our stomachs demanded food, so we decided to try a local tavern, Sly’s Midtown Salooon–yes, it’s really spelled that way–for our lunchtime repast. Our griffins curled up for a nap outside while we enjoyed delicious Wisconsin fare (I had bratwurst, naturally) and chatted with our delightful pixie server. 

Huckle also blogged about our experience; you can check out her blog, too! She has some good pictures, as well.

After lunch, our grumbling and still groggy griffins delivered us to WordHaven BookHouse. This indie bookstore is an awesome, welcoming place, and I recommend you visit if you are ever in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Huckle and I often joke about transporting the establishment to the Madison area–or at least creating a portal for quick access. 

It’s both a bookstore AND a writing center! Win – Win!

We had a blast leading a class on conceptualizing a book and gave some pointers about other things writers need to know if they desire to become published authors. It really is exciting to talk with other writers, learn you aren’t alone in your struggles, and find ways to overcome the obstacles life, writer’s block, and your own insecurities may throw at you. We’ll be leading another class there on May 27th, so stay tuned for more book-writing tips!

Wyldling Snare in good company right next to an Ursula K. Le Guin book with Huckle’s Wolf Healer nearby. It’s thrilling to see our books on the shelf!

Speaking of books–and when do I ever not speak of books?–I have some recommendations for you.

Awesome Fantasy Books

While you’re waiting for Wyldling Trials to come out, I have three book recommendations to satisfy your craving for the weird and fantastic.

I read and enjoyed them all, and I hope you do, too! Also, if you haven’t read Wyldling Snare, yet, it’s available on Amazon in e-book, paperback, and you can read for free on Kindle Unlimited.

Wolf Healer by Huckleberry Rahr

This YA LGBTQ+ book is enjoyable for readers of all ages. Give it a go; you won’t be disappointed!

When fifteen-year-old Jade Stone, daughter of the werewolf alphas, comes back changed from her trip to Florida, can she continue pursuing her dream of becoming her pack’s next werewolf healer?

Nomad by Lawrence Henry

This book is more science fiction than fantasy, and contains some violence and body horror.

Service In Honor

Thrust into unforgiving circumstances, one young man attempts to lead his friends safely through a warzone. Removed from the only home she’s ever known, a capable warrior fights to return and rescue her brother. Five elite members of the Nomad Initiative struggle to understand their role in a rapidly changing world. Even as they confront their own inner demons, can they survive the dangers that lie ahead and emerge victorious?

Bringer’s Ascension by Kelsey Ortiz

This book is Dark Fantasy, so expect some violence and gore.

Death is only a release.
Pain is only numbness.
Loneliness is only the beginning.

Tormented by visions of the crushed and burned bodies of her guildmates, Raelynn, the only Light Bringer, hasn’t stopped running. Accompanied only by a shadow who protects her from the Brotherhood’s control, Raelynn fights against the fate she’s been told about since childhood. But when her guardian steps out of the shadows, the carefully built walls around herself crumble into dust.

To rid the world of the corrupt Brotherhood, Raelynn must learn to trust herself and to not be afraid of who she was born to be. Now, she has two choices to make: Will she succumb to the darkness in her soul or will she give into the temptation of falling in love again?

Wyldling Snare by A.R. Grimes (yours truly)

A knight’s first duty is to his realm. When another world calls, will he answer? The wrong choice might destroy all he loves.


Apprentice knight Enoch Northward isn’t ready to lead. But when he returns home to find his mentor dead and the heir-apparent missing, he knows he must rise to the challenge.

But the horrifying truth of his guardian’s death and disappearance of his friends leaves the grieving knight with no time to mourn. In search of answers, he ventures into the forbidden forest. There he discovers a portal leading to another world – and a girl who shares his faith and dreams.

The realm hangs in the balance as a mysterious enemy schemes to destroy it, but not all peril comes from the outside. Enoch himself harbors a secret that could destroy all he loves…If you enjoy portal fantasy and adventure, then you’ll love Wyldling Snare, the first installment of the Wyldling Dream series – a coming of age story with underlying themes of faith, friendship, and found family.

Realms in Peril!

ONE DAY LEFT! Here’s a fantasy novel and series promotion you won’t want to miss. There are entire series up for grabs here, as well as stand-alone books and series starters. Give them a try for free on Kindle Unlimited.

Fantastic Freebies Available for a Limited Time:

Because I know you just can’t get enough, here’s some more Free Epic Sci-Fi and Fantasy books for you to peruse.

One more day left:

For those of you searching for a variety of genres on the more spiritual side of things, I present to you FREE Christian Books:


Looking to start a new fantasy or sci-fi series but don’t know where to begin? Check out this freebie promo: Number ZERO – Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror Prequels!


It’s Women’s History Month… for one more day! What better way to celebrate women than to read fantasy stories featuring strong female leads? Especially since these books are FREE. How could you say no to that?


I hope you find something you’ll enjoy!

Meet the Author and Book-Signing

If you enjoy visiting indie bookstores, meeting authors, and getting your copy of Wyldling Snare signed, then save the date for April 15th. Yours truly will be at Dragon Tale Books in Menominee, WI that afternoon with two other fantasy authors . There will be conversation, book-signing, and possibly treats, as well! No need to sign-up; this is a free event to attend. https://dragontalebooks.store/event/meet-the-authors/

Obligatory Cat Photo

Just look at that face! How can you stay mad at that face? It’s a good thing King Leonidas is so cute, because he’s a naughty little boy!

Have a great week, friend! And keep reading! May I suggest…

“Seek Justice. Show Mercy. Walk humbly with Lord Yshua.”

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