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Where Would You Like to Go?

As for me, I’d like to go to a seaside resort with a nice sandy beach and clement weather.

I hope all the mothers out there had an amazing Mother’s Day weekend. My eldest son left me a very sweet voicemail message saying “thank you for all you’ve done.” On Saturday and Sunday, I visited my mother and both grandmothers. I’m grateful that I was able to spend some time with them. Our span here on Earth is limited, and we must take what opportunities we can to see our loved ones, am I right? 


I’m still busy revising Wyldling Trials, the second book of the Wyldling Dream Series, and I have a short story in the works for a feline-themed anthology. The short story is set in the Teharan universe after the Wyldling Dream Series. I’m trying to write it in a way that doesn’t “spoil” anything. I’ll have more to report on the writing front later.

I apologize for this lackluster newsletter. A health crisis has cropped up in our family, so I’ve been pretty distracted and don’t have much else to say. 

However, I do have some clean fantasy book recommendations for you.

Featured Books

Black Bane by Zee Kelley

“I believe no one is ordinary, that we are all extraordinary, and I write about everyday heroes.”

Black Bane is the prequel short story of the epic fantasy Keystone Prophecy series by the USA Today best-selling author Zee Kelley

An adventure unfolds in this epic fantasy short story of wondrous creatures, clashing cultures, a mysterious evil force, and four distinct races fighting against an unknown enemy determined to destroy them all.

During the previous full moon, the ancient salvus trees prepared to display their fall colors and stood sentry over the Florix tribes who lived in the branches below. But, as fast as storm clouds rolling in, a fatal black sludge attacked the plant life, poisoned the water, and left the forest people sick and dying. Painful black boils appeared on farmers’ and herb-gatherers’ hands and arms, and in mere days the killing disease spread to entire families. Within a month, the bane decimated entire villages. Nothing would stop the spread of death. Not even their healer’s magic.

Gems of Fate by Kiersten Lillis

Companion prequel stand-alone of the Sezna Seer Series, a YA time-travel fantasy that interrogates the relationship between destiny and free will.

This novelette is a prequel companion story to the Sezna Seer Series. You can read this story without having read the Sezna Seer Series. Previously titled The Origin of Dunamai’s Eye.

The four Goddesses of Fate are not fine.

These weavers of destiny fight like the sisters they are. Half-finished tapestries clog up their living space. The enchanted trees they tend ooze with mysterious illness that threatens the balance of time. 

Then the Goddess of Certain Future predicts the supposedly immortal goddesses’ deaths and the crystal balls hit the fan. 

Dunamai, the Goddess of the Potential, Sees a way forward, if only she could get her sisters to respect her power and let her help for once. But Dunamai’s done asking permission and just hopes her plan doesn’t blow up in her face.

Will Gifting humanity with the power of choice doom the heavens and Earth alike, or will Dunamai’s risky decision save them all?

Inspired by Old Norse mythology, modern witchcraft, and the relationship between fate and free will.

More Books For You!

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If you have a subscription to Kindle Unlimited, then you can read these titles for free:

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Searching for something new to read? These giveaways are available for a limited time. You’ll discover entertaining titles while helping independent authors. Like catching two phoenixes in the same (fireproof) net. These promotions provide a great avenue for trying out new books and finding your next favorite author – all without spending a fortune. What are you waiting for? Simply click on those links to start browsing the collections.

Noblebright Fantasy Creature Feature

ENDING SOON!’s Fantasy Freebies

New Worlds – Fantasy Prequels

Disclaimer: I have not read all of these books and cannot vouch for content quality. If you aren’t satisfied with what you find, please don’t send the Brute Squad after me.

Have you read Wyldling Snare yet?

A knight’s first duty is to his realm. When another world calls, will he answer? The wrong choice might destroy all he loves.

Apprentice knight Enoch Northward isn’t ready to lead. But when he returns home to find his mentor dead and the heir-apparent missing, he knows he must rise to the challenge.

But the horrifying truth of his guardian’s death and disappearance of his friends leaves the grieving knight with no time to mourn. In search of answers, he ventures into the forbidden forest. There he discovers a portal leading to another world – and a girl who shares his faith and dreams.

The realm hangs in the balance as a mysterious enemy schemes to destroy it, but not all peril comes from the outside. Enoch himself harbors a secret that could destroy all he loves…

Obligatory Cat Photo

My two boys, King Leonidas (left) and Doctor Purr-nassis (right).

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