Back in 2019…

Captivated by
snow covered branches in a
winter wonderland
Poor Doctor kitty,
soon to be victim of a
soot panther attack
O tractor sublime
abandoned and alone
it’s unnatural
Little shadow cat
her amber eyes watching me
in silent judgment
The sunshine without
bears no reflection upon
the gloom within
See the mini mouse?
Isn’t it adorable?
Where is the Mickey?

And that wraps up the haiku poetry from 2019!

Manifestations of a chronic boondoggler…in verse

My brain is weird.
Little ball of fluff
my cat almost did you in
now you’re in prison
Hark! the herald cried
something dead over yonder
the vultures circle
O caterpillar
trail-way trundling along
little woolly bear
I agree with Calvin;
tiger-stripe cats’ fur is mere
Brothers together
hold fast to family ties
cardinal virtue
Pink feathery tufts
beneath amber sky at dusk
One side makes you tall
the other, even shorter
both sides will kill you

Haiku, Can You?

Time to wend your way
through turning pathways of a
sparkly labyrinth
Too humid outside
to take a lovely long walk
which makes me grumpy
Precarious perch
little grey cat looking down
decides to return
Can you imagine
Adorning your human feet
with elfin slippers?
Bold sunny faces
bear the plain name of Susan
of the blackened eyes
Crane neck to the side
gaze at sandhill wanderers
fuzzy grey babies
Morning spectacle:
upon the cast-iron chair-back
perch three feathered friends