Just for Grins

Esperity Dashnell strikes again…uh…for the very first time!
A list of truly novel novel titles from a “fake” sci-fi space odyssey / fantasy / detective / thriller / spy / archaeologist adventure series.

One March day back in the good old year of 2017, I was feeling particularly quirky. So, I decided to fabricate an entire series of books that really didn’t fit into any existing genre but were actually a mash-up of several different genres (sorry, no romance here – those make me uncomfortable).

First, I came up with a killer main character name (female, naturally). Next, I dreamed up six fairly ridiculous sounding titles, a la Indiana Jones (I could easily have come up with more than six; if only the whiteboard was bigger). Finally, I managed to convince my husband – for all of ten minutes – that Esperity Dashnell was a REAL SERIES of totally awesome books and he should look them up on Amazon.

Granted, I did not go so far as to actually write and publish these books on Amazon; that would be too much like work. If I had only waited a few weeks this would have been a pretty funny April Fool’s Day joke!

At least, it would have been humorous to me.

It’s that time of year again…

Oh no! The uncles are swarming! The uncles are swarming!

Indeed. Tis the season when the ants come marching ten by ten to invade your cubicle at work. So, make sure to keep your desk clean of sticky residue from those PB&J’s and miscellaneous yogurts lest you attract their attention. I find that the TERRO liquid ant bait traps work pretty well, too. Unless you want continuous ant visitations, of course. Then by all means scatter sugar about your desk. 🙂