Yesterday’s Lunch

Healthy for the body; healthy for the soul.

fully cooked and seasoned chicken breast on a paper plate that have been smashed with a human fist.

Need a healthy idea for lunch today? How about trying smashed chicken breasts! That’s right, you heard me: smashed chicken breasts!

And how does one prepare this culinary delight? Well, first you cook up a mess of chicken breasts, seasoned as you like’em in your crock pot (’cause you’re efficient that way) and then you store them in your refrigerator until you’re hankering for some chicken.

Once said hankering strikes, you put your precooked, chilled chicken breast in a baggie and then you smash the bejibbers out of it with your fist. That is correct – smash those bejibbers right out! Smash away for as long as you need to, until all those bejibbers be gone from your chicken breast(s).  You can use a different blunt instrument of your choice, if the fist is not sufficient to eradicate those pesky bejibbers.

Afterwards, you can either heat up your freshly smashed chicken breast (sans bejibbers) in the microwave, or you can eat it cold. You can use proper utensils, or just stuff that scrumptious protein straight into your mouth with your bare hands. It’s your prerogative, my friend.

Just make sure that you chew the chicken thoroughly before you swallow. We can’t have you choking on your food. 🙂

This recipe was brought to you by the Smashing Meals Foundation, courtesy of my stomach. Stay tuned for other “smashing” recipe ideas – guaranteed bejibbers-free!

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